Dear Protester,


I know it’s your Constitutional right to assembly; to take to the streets and disrupt services; to put the police and the public in harms way to push your views on all of us. Turning over and lighting cars on fire definitely makes people do a double take. Burning the American Flag is very smart, since doing so most offends the people who fought with their own blood so you and your comrades would have the right to do so in the first place. I can see the hipness of your irony. Very progressive and cutting edge.

Please do not be disgruntled though, for there may be some who take offense to their car on fire, their store windows broken, their beloved Stars and Stripes set ablaze so you may prove your warped point at the expense of on looking Veterans, saddened and wondering where their country has gone.

Call me a Fascist, you won’t be the first, but I do so thoroughly enjoy watching you be beaten in the very streets that you are congesting with your filth. Tear gas, pudding sticks, those white plastic ties the police bind your hands with; that is how we at home protest against you. I, we, live vicariously through Johnny Law.



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